VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Aidan Bissett Says Going To All-Boys School Helped Him Learn To Ignore Criticism, Talks New Music

Aidan Bissett made a strong impression with his debut EP ‘I’m Alright If You’re OK’ released late last year, notably with the standout of the collection in “Tripping Over Air”. He’s since released a slew of follow-up singles in “Out of My League” and most recently, “Bloom”. With sonics rooted in new wave and 90s alternative, the twenty-year-old is poised to enter the next phase of his musical growth. “I’m a huge huge fan of The Strokes, always been a fan of The Strokes and especially with this next project that we’re going to put out, all of it’s very inspired by The Strokes”, Bissett shared, “a lot of British rock bands as well like U2, The 1975 stuff like that. I love all that it feels really genuine and fresh um and there’s just something about the way that they bring in guitars that feels super unique. Their guitars always have their own Melodies and their own structure instead of just like playing chords or something that. It’s doing that you could pick out from any song you can you listen to a Strokes song, you know it’s a Strokes song. You listen to a Killers song, you know it’s a Killers song and that’s what I want to develop for the maturation of this project. I want people to understand that that this is Aidan and this is where he’s going. Even lyrically like everything that I’ve been working really hard on is just maturation you know becoming an adult because I am an adult now I’m not in high school anymore and we’ll see it with all with the songs coming out.” Bissett is currently working on new music and will be performing at Lollapalooza in August.

Aidan Bissett spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how he developed a thick skin early on while going to an all-boys prep school, the influences of The Strokes and British bands on his upcoming new music and more.

Aidan Bissett - Bloom