ALBUM REVIEW: Bloc Party’s ‘Four’

After a long hiatus, British Rock group Bloc Party is releasing Four on August 20. The album hits you in the face with pain-inducing metal clashes and heavy rock riffs. It’s a good pain, but it’s different than anything the group’s ever released before.

Not shying away from loud, urgent pulses, the leading track, ‘So He Begins to Lie’ is full of Russell Lissack’s droning chords, pulling influences from their early post-punk days. The band’s goal this time around was to introduce themselves as a “live band,” showing that they can indeed perform.

‘3X3’ is ferocious and dark, with lead singer Kele Okereke powering on in a sinister march straying completely away from the band’s former indie-rock vibe in Intimacy.

‘Day Four’ stood out as softer and more controlled and showcased Okereke’s gorgeous voice and in ‘Coliseum,’ a surprising country twang weaves its way in, taking us to a metal version of the Wild Wild West.

Old school Bloc Party fans will appreciate, ‘Octopus,’ ‘Truth’ and ‘Team A,’ for their pop-heavy, dancey choruses and monumental guitar and drum sets.

Unique and thunderous, but lacking real emotion and depth, Bloc Party created something for a new group of fans, while still remembering what makes the foursome so talented.

Listen to “Day Four” from Bloc Party: