ZAEH_AGBW_SHOT01-30From uplifting and motivational, to sad and depressing, New Year’s is always filled with emotion. Some people are sad to be leaving behind such a wonderful year, while others cannot wait for a fresh start to try and get it right. Either way, we’ve collected a list of five of the best indie songs that will fit every emotion.




The New Year-Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie painted a picture perfectly of a realistic New Year’s. Making easy resolutions to easy problems, pretending to be better than you are for one day, fireworks going off somewhere. What else is there to New Year’s Day?

My Dear Aquaintance-Regina Spektor

In this cover song Regina sings about love and happiness. Toasting to life, love, and friendship. For we are all the same.

A Conversation About Death On New Year’s-Scattered Trees

This song is sad, yes, but it resonates with New Year’s ever so greatly because we are talking about real feelings. Sure, you don’t have to do that just on New Year’s but many do. Many get out what they truly feel on this day, so for that, the honesty expressed in this song is perfect.

New Year’s Day-U2

U2 puts it out there bluntly in the song. Nothing will change on New Year’s Day. Your wants, dreams, wishes, hopes may all be the same but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will come true. But to be realistic, we will go to this song.

This Is The New Year-A Great Big World

This song is arguably one of the best New Year’s songs yet. Released in 2013 this song has been featured on shows such as Glee, helping it reach to the top 40 mainstream charts. What’s not to love? A Great Big World really manage to capture what I think most people feel during the start of the New Year.  Hope.  A second chance. A fresh start.