Manchester+OrchestraThree of the five piece parts of Manchester Orchestra have recorded tracks to be released along with a new LP Records 10: Friends. This LP, which is being released in February 25th of 2014 by Fadeaway records, will help raise money for cancer research and will include many other indie acts, including Motion City Soundtrack, Twin Forks, and the Narrative.

Andy Hull will be taking on Back of Your Old Church, while Robert McDowell takes Walk Like A Dog, and Chris Freeman plays A Teacher In the Sun. Although they are all going solo for these parts, they still manage to make them as hauntingly beautiful as we always expect from Manchester Orchestra. These tracks are nothing but acoustic which give them an extra raw emotion to each one.

This record will be the first release in over ten years for Fadeaway records and will feature both new and old songs from the featured artists. The first press of this record has already sold out so be sure to go online and order your second press on Fadeaways website here, and check out Andy Hull’s song below.