522268077da9dThe Belle Brigade is made up of brother and sister duo, Barbara and Ethan Gruska. Debuting in 2011 with their self-titled album, the two made quite an impression on people from the start. Gaining recognition from works such as the LA Times, SPIN, and appearing on both Jimmy Kimmel and Conan, that’s not a bad way to start out. So was music fate for these two or just a family tradition?

In some families there may be just one or two musically talented and inclined in the family but music seems to run in the veins of this family. Their grandfather, John Williams, is a multi-oscar award winning composer, while their father, Jay Gruska, is a movie and television composer. That’s not to mention the many drummers and other various musicians that run in the family. It’s no wonder they’re so good at their jobs. Although both Ethan and Barbara studied at CalArts, something tells me they could easily pass by without it.

So what’s next? Currently the two are waiting to release their newest record “Just Because”. This record has been handled with love and care by only the best with the help of engineer and co-producer Shawn Everett and Bob Ludwig. The record will be released by ATO Records on March 25th, 2014 and until then they’ve been staying around California playing shows.

Be sure to check out their hit “How I See It” below and be sure to pre-order their upcoming album “Just Because” here.

The Belle Brigade – "How I See It" (How To Do Magic Video)