Haim: Leading Ladies of Indie-Pop

haim-days-are-goneA lot of big names brought down the house at Coachella this year, but a really big surprise came in newcomers Haim. The trio of musical sisters played an early set both weekends, and played to energetic crowds while the sun was still up. These girls managed to hold their own against music heavyweights thanks to a variety of talents:




Their increibly unique blend of rock/pop/R&B:

And their incredible stage presence:

Something notable about Haim is that they’re part of a rare phenomenon know as the “all-girl band.” Music was much like everything else in history, taking it’s sweet ass time giving women the credit they deserve. While female groups have been fairly prominent since the invention of sound recording, actual bands that were comprised solely of women weren’t always so well respected.

The first all-girl band signed to a record label, Goldie and the Gingerbreads, wasn’t until the Front+Sheetearly 60’s. For decades the amount of all-girl groups has paled in comparison to the male dominated rock music scene. This is no doubt a reflection of the times in which they were produced, as the average women today still doesn’t make the same as the average man. While it’s certainly better now than it’s ever been, that’s thanks to incredible all-girl groups like The Runaways, The Go-Gos, The Bangles and Sleater-Kinney, that have pushed through the flagrantly sexist barriers over the years.

Yet, it’s still not as evenly divided as it could be. Women continue to suffer through sexism in all aspects of life, especially the working world. Haim are still part of a music scene that allows them to be a rarity. Fortunately for us, they’re doing one hell of a job; and you can expect to see them blow up over the next few years, simultaneously blowing the hinges off doors for future all-girl bands.

Watch their incredible Coachella performance here: