ON RADAR: The Floorwalkers

ca-m-floorwalkersThere is something special about seeing band in which the members are actually just a big group of friends. You watch as they joke and kid around with each other on stage and you can see the friendship between them like an inside joke. Although this doesn’t happen often, when it does it is truly magical. And one band we’ve recently been watching has been proving just how great friendships are in making music. They call themselves The Floorwalkers.

The band, consisting of members Jonathon Vernon(vocals), Kerry Henderson(guitar/mandolin), Ben Meinhold(bass), and Theo Perry(lead guitar), have quite a history. Having grown up together and playing on the same little league as kids in Cleveland Ohio, these guys first began playing together in 2000, during their days in highschool. After that 3 of the members moved to Columbus Ohio, starting their own band, until the rest of the gang followed and the band was reunited again. The band grew in popularity tremendously, gaining a strong following in the mid-west before releasing the debut album The Natural Road in 2010. Since then they have toured nationally while still remaining independent.

They describe themselves as a “garage soul” band, citing resemblances with Ray Charles, Motown, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Buckley, and rightly so. If you like smooth soulful songs that put you in a good mood you will love this band.

For tour information and more check out their website here!