Have you ever stared at a picture of your favorite celebrity and wished you could look like them? Well thanks to many beauty and fashion lines partnering with celebrities of all sorts, now you can! For as long as the public has been infatuated with the beauty of certain celebrities, they’ve been partnering with brand names to help you achieve that look. From Taylor Swift to Audrey Hepburn, there are fragrances, clothing lines, and makeups to help you achieve that same stunning beauty. One of the newest stars to announce a partnership with a beauty line is none other than hit young star Lorde. The busy teen announced last week she would be partnering with MAC to produce a line of dark lipstick entitled Pure Heroin and black eyeliner called Rapidblack. While Lorde certainly has a much different look compared to other pop counterparts with beauty lines such as Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, artists who go for more of the typical girly red and pink colors, I’m sure Lorde will no doubt still manage to sell out of her darker look. But does this come as a surprise that Lorde would make this kind of move? In the past she’s never seemed to be the most concerned star with her appearance, having posted pictures of herself both photo-shopped and not to show how media can distort images, so is this a sell out move? It could look that way but when taking a look at where many celebrities make their income, this is strictly a business move. With tons of free music everywhere, music doesn’t sell. What does sell is the name and the brand.

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