interpolInterpol returned in 2014 as a trio after their longtime bassist, Carlos Dengler, left the band in 2010.  Taking a breather after Dengler’s departure, the remaining members of Interpol embarked on individual projects- lead singer, Paul Banks released his second solo album, guitarist, Daniel Kessler laid the groundwork for his work with sound designer Joseph Fraioli in Big Noble, and drummer Sam Fogarino formed his own band called Empty Mansions.  The time away gave the band a renewed perspective and energy that has Banks playing bass on “El Pintor” and evokes the sound that brought attention to the band when they first broke through with “Turn On The Bright Lights”.

Sam Fogarino recently spoke with B-Sides On-Air host, Pete Mar, when Interpol was at a recent tour date at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA.  Along with making music, Fogarino mentioned spending time with his daughter playing soccer during Interpol’s time away.  Playing more new songs in the setlist has invigorated the band and provided a smooth bridge from the Interpol of the past to the present.  Fogarino even touched upon possible songs by the Beatles that Interpol could cover.

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B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Sam Fogarino of Interpol Talks New Album, Beatles

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