Album Review: Angels and Airwaves “The Dream Walker”

The latest from alternative/pop punk band Angels and Airwaves is titled The Dream Walker, taking on an ethereal persona to convey a style that departs from what they’ve been known for in the past. As a whole, the album does successfully sound like its title, with mystic, synth elements and an almost Sting-like personality that utilizes the strange and alien proponents of an electronic system to create an otherworldly array of songs.

However, it feels as though the message of the album gets lost in all the technology and studio production. It’s difficult to even decipher the lyrics of many of the songs until it comes to the choruses because the vocals get so overwhelmed by warped keyboards and droning guitars that what the music essentially comes down to is something that will probably be easily remixed by a DJ for a funky dance version.

The track that probably comes closest to sounding like an Angels and Airwaves song is “Tremors,” with a distinct guitar riff running throughout the background in perfect harmony with a drum beat that will leave you rocking back and forth and bobbing your head up and down. The softer “Anomaly” ends the album with an acoustic tune that is the tamest of all the songs in tone, composition and vocally, making it worthwhile to get to the end.

Angels and Airwaves aspired to a higher sound with The Dream Walker, but frankly, fell short and just ended up sounding like they were trying to be something other than who they are. It was an admirable attempt at something new, and while the concept is outlined prominently with the general arrangement, the execution was a bit rough.

Listen to the whole album here!

Angels & Airwaves - The Wolfpack (Audio)