Are you ready to Rock in Rio?



tmp_2640-Rock-in-Rio-USA1394698281Rock in Rio is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and the line up is outstanding.  For those who don’t know, Rock in Rio originated in Brazil and was organized by Roberto Medina. This year the festival will be held in Las Vegas.  This is the first time for it to be held in the United States.  It’s one of the largest music festivals in the world.  The number of people who have attended previous festivals is over 1.5 million. That is just in Brazil, imagine what it’s going to be like in Vegas.

The festival begins this Friday May 8th and will continue until May 16th. Like I mentioned earlier, the line is outstanding.

It is split up into 2 weekends, the first one rock and the second is pop and the acts are spilt into 3 different stages. Although the weekend is split into Rock and Pop, there are other artists outside these 2 genres playing as well.

For the Rock weekend,  I recommend seeing Metallica,  No Doubt,  Linkin Park and definitely Coheed and Cambria.

For the Pop weekend, I recommend  T-Swift, Sam Smith, Magic! and John Legend.

Don’t forget these weekends also include EDM  (Electronic Dance Music) artists.  They usually have insane light shows, that’s definitely one thing you do not want to miss.

Since this festival originated in Brazil, you can’t forget about Rock Street Brazil. Make sure to check out Pepeu Gomez and Marcos Valle. These guys really know how to rock it.

For more information such as ticket prices and more, check out the website for more details

Thanks for reading , keep on rockin’! \m/

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