INTERVIEW: Kill Paris talks new album, new label and video games

DSC00055Shortly before going on stage at Miami’s GrandCentral, Kill Paris joined us for a quick interview to discuss his latest album, his new music label, the internet and video games. The young producer and DJ was excited to be in the humid soup of downtown Miami. His latest tour has been keeping him group busy with shows all across the nation. As a forward thinker in a growing and forever evolving business, Corey Baker has a particular mindset for how he is unifying fans and music in the internet savvy world.

Baker has admitted that his latest journey releasing Galaxies Between Us was an experience that allowed him to take control. Not satisfied with the “industry”, Kill Paris’s album was released on his new independent music label Sexy Electric. This change in the game has allowed Baker to do things at a level where “you’re directly connecting with fans.” After only two short year in the making, Baker has described the process of putting together a legitimate music label as great learning experience.

Baker continued to describe that hanging out with fans after shows and talking to people is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connecting with fans in the time of the internet. With technology allowing connections to be easily attainable, the barrier between artists and fans has diminished. With twitter and other social platforms, connecting to artists or any individual is only a click away. This has brought about the realization that the internet allows artists to share things directly without a transaction in between. “I can release a song on Pirate Bay only and not have to worry about putting it on itunes or spotify. It’s a weird thing but I can do that.” It was with this in mind that he released his album free to the public.


Without the pressure of deadlines brought on by a standards music label, Baker was able to breakaway from releasing singles to creating his latest 10 track debut album.  “Zedd said to me while on tour… people still want albums. When you’re in electronic music people are releasing things so quickly, you feel pressured to do the same.” In Galaxies Between Us , Baker was able to spread things out. He included songs that wouldn’t necessarily go off in a club but have musical value and space.

As an artist heavily influenced by video games, Baker shared that his his first video game was Super Marios Bros. Even though he continues his battle against Bowser, he claims that his all time favorite game is Fire Emblem Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS. Its not the plot that intrigues him but the 9 hour long music selection that he claims to be incredible.


Kill Paris’ set consisted of funk infused bangers. There was not a dull moment for there was always a twist and surprise not too far ahead. Disco and well known old school jams were dropped all around but it those didn’t compare to the moment Baker went ahead and united with the hot and sweaty Miami crowd. Dropping Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”, he went ahead and took off a layer of clothing  to jam out with his keytar. The set continued with tropical house appearances and a moment that blew everyone’s hair back when a full funk song was perfectly transitioned to a full out Moombahton beat. His fusion of funk into other genres was nothing short of astounding.