night riots-warped15Night Riots may not the prototypical Warped Tour band playing speed metal, hardcore or rap but still fit in with the DIY attitude. Formerly known as PK, the band had to change their name due to legal issues and the resulting name of Night Riots gave them the opportunity to continue upon what they had worked hard to build. The Central California based band is playing every date of Warped Tour 2015, giving Night Riots the chance to grow their fan base that’s already been gaining steam from the success of the single, “Contagious”.

B-Sides caught up with Night Riots during the second Warped Tour stop in Mountain View, CA. Lead singer, Travis Hawley and guitarist, Nick Fotinakes spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, about their punk rock roots, their first Warped Tour, time travel and more!

Check out the interview here-

B-Sides On-Air: Warped Tour 2015 Interview - Night Riots Talk Punk Rock, Time Travel

NIGHT RIOTS - Contagious (Official Music Video)