iii Points Music, Arts and Technology Fest

For the third year in a row, III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival has proved that the South Floridian melting pot has cooked up a culture clashing brew. For three consecutive days that turned into vague and long nights, Wynwood featured local and global acts,  panels and demos of technologically forward ideas, and high edge music.  

Scattered over four stages, artists from an array of genres entertained while art installations fed the eyes at every corner. Panda Bear, Run the Jewels, Ghostface Killah, XXYYXX, Neon Indian, Nicolas Jaar, Toro y Moi, and Aluna George were only some of the hard to miss acts.

Surrounding the MainStage while artists like Bomba Estereo gave catchy performances, local food spots and record stores vended while local street artists transformed empty canvases into works of art. The tunes playing at the entrance by local Disk Jockeys welcomed attendees as they walked through a port hole outlined in LEDs that would lead up to a large mirror ultimately leading to an array of different sized pyramids and teepees decorated by pillows and rugs throughout the grounds.

Inside a gigantic warehouse, BMW invited speed junkies to ride shotgun alongside professional drivers as they sped and drifted around tights spaces. The donuting vehicles shared a wall of  ongoing graphics and CO2 tanks with a high energy roller skating rink open for anyone to glide into.

A very bright and wondrous art installation led to the indoor stage that also hosted a maze like gallery. Lines of people lined up to walk through a hair and makeup station that continued on to a Santeria themed room that connected via scenically decorated rooms. Even though the first day had a bit of a heat problem once main AC generators blew, back to back performances had the crowd dancing in a sauna. Nick Lean began with a trippy intro that complimented Panda Bear’s sweaty performance. Bonobo followed and it was not until Nicolas Jaar that the heat became too much.

Near a hollowed out and decked out school bus, Niko Javan played a smooth and catchy set. Later that  weekend, fans were being told to get off the roof of the bus as they danced to Nick Monaco, Soul Clap and Sean Drake throughout the night.

Another stage used TVs stacked on the side to outline the dance floor. Featuring the best underground and deep beats, DJ Tennis brought the wild side of people. Jacques Greene reminded everyone that dancing was easy with the right kind of music and Totally Enormous Dinosaurs ended the night with a set that was dark and groovy.

Needless to say, the art scene in South Miami is alive and well. Many characters came to partake in the festivities while incorporating their own style and energy into the event. What was once a small festival is sure to continue growing into a yearly mecca for art and technology in the south.

Check out the full gallery below!
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