On-Radar: A Great Big World

A Great Big World is an American duo group formed by Ian Axel and Chad King who met studying at NYU. These two music business majors decided to work together after King heard Axel sing. Axel was the first under the spotlight when he released a solo album which contained songs all co-written by King. Although they had yet to call themselves A Great Big World, as the world knows them now, they were a great team from the beginning.

After having the opportunities to license their music to popular TV shows like One Tree Hill, The Amazing Race, and Good Morning America, and touring with icons like Five for Fighting and Ingrid Michaelson, the duo officially named themselves A Great Big World. Nothing short from successful, the duo made their mark by releasing inspirational and optimistic pop music. The television phenomenon, Glee, took advantage of this sound and incorporated the hit “This is the new year” on the show. The duo knew when they wrote it that it would be perfect for Glee.

Axel and King find writing songs to be their way of therapy. Connecting with people through their music is the reason behind their magic. They write their songs for the fans and that’s what it’s all about. After releasing hits like “Say Something” featuring Christina Aguilera, and “This is the new year”, they created another hopeful track, “Hold Each Other” featuring Futuristic. A Great Big World never fails to make feel-good music that fans treasure and they are definitely making there mark in the music industry.