Is there anything better than seeing your favorite band live? How about leaving a show with a NEW favorite band? Coast Modern is the type of band that can stop someone in their tracks, with their indie, pop, and reggae vibes, and make them wonder “who is that?” This American duo got together in 2013 but do to the mainstream scene in their hometown of LA, they did not make a name for themselves until 2015. Coast Modern recently made their way across the country to Boston, MA and were beyond entertaining. They opened up and definitely got the crowd ready for an incredible night of alternative jams, starting off with their killer jams.

The men of Coast Modern, Coleman Trapp & Luke Atlas, keep a low profile image by releasing mostly “visualizer” music videos, maybe to emphasize the west coast influenced music they produce instead of the videography to go along with it. Without a doubt, their chill vibe is portrayed on stage and in their alternative tunes like “Hollow Life”, “Guru”, and “Pockets Full of No”.

Coast Modern’s lively yet chill show in Boston, MA, left original fans smiling and new fans pumped. They are just beginning their journey and are gaining more and more fans as their touring continues.