ALBUM REVIEW: Kacy Hill – ‘Like A Woman’

Followers and fanatics of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music label will surely have had their eye on Kacy Hill in the recent past.  With the  release of her singles “Like a Woman” and “Hard to Love” earlier this year in May, Kacy has turned the ears of music lovers and critics alike, leaving them in anticipation of this full album, released June 30th.

Creating viral attention with her EP entitled Bloo in 2015, Kacy captured the attention of many, including Kanye, who she was working with as a backup dancer on the ‘Yeezus’ tour.  Bloo was personal and raw, honest lyrics with romantic beats reminiscent of James Blake’s self titled album debut.  Like A Woman strays very little from this recipe.  Although the singles, especially “Hard To Love”, feel like they’re written to be overplayed, they retain a sense of truthful experience.  The album touches on traditional dream pop as the music weaves a canvas for your imagination to paint on while the lyrics keep you close to the heart of human condition.
Punchy bass and ethereal drone wash the record as the tracks bounce back and forth from catchy, stuck in your head hooks, onto haunting, slow written love letters addressed to anyone willing to listen. Along with the singles, the tracks “First Time” and “Arm’s Length” beg to be radio hits.  “Interlude” into “Clarity” are airy and simple asking the listener to breath deep with Kacy as she wails soft and beautiful almost teasing a conceptual theme.
Like A Woman as an inaugural album is almost a diary that Kacy Hill is about to fill the pages of, lock up, and never open again as she faces forward to the next chapter of her career.  The personal anthems conjure a fire inside that desires to hear Kacy alone with a simple piano accompaniment, while the G.O.O.D. production value leaves the listener speculating where their musical relationship could go from here.



Kacy Hill - Arm's Length (Audio)