Finding really truly unique pop music is becoming increasingly hard to do with many just taking a shock value angle rather than a musical one. Many are going back in time to the 50s and 60s for musical inspiration, but while unique to this time and place, is really just paying homage to things that have already been done. However, even with that slant on earlier forms of rock n roll, there are still bands that can put their spin on things. One such group is Lunar Hand, a trio of Southern California garage rockers that make moving, jumpy, and homage-like music for the 21st century.

Led by singer/guitarist, Junior Reed, with a smooth, lounge-like croon in the same vein as Morphine’s Mark Sandman, the band offers catchy, well-crafted songs that are hard to ignore. Their new EP Magic Hour is a 5 song blitzkrieg of pseudo doo-wop, soul, and rock n roll with a pop twist, like earworms in fresh rain. Lead track “Smoke and Chandeliers” brings that smoky, lounge sound to life with an easily singable chorus. “Won’t You Come Along” begins with a sunny guitar, and rolls to the beach from there with the top down. “Sand Song” it a pulsing sing along, and “Desert Road” is a funky jam along with tremolo, and falsetto, in tow.

Magic Hour is a catchy, vibed-out record that will immediately pull you in. Hopefully this will lead to a full-length debut in the near future.