INTERVIEW: Erin Birgy of Mega Bog Talks ‘Happy Together’, Touring

Erin Birgy has been the creative mastermind behind the music of Mega Bog for around a decade. With the arrival of 2017 came the band’s biggest break with their new album Happy Together. We here at B-Sides were fortunate enough to be able to speak with Birgy while she was on the road during the band’s current nationwide tour.


B-Sides: You’re currently on a nationwide tour, is this your first nationwide venture as the band?

E: The band has actually been touring for about 10 years now. This may be the tour with us playing the biggest rooms we ever have.

B: That’s cool, how has that experience been? Is it intimidating player to bigger rooms?

E: It’s not intimidating, it’s been really exciting. We’re playing these places I’ve always wanted to play. Like legendary venues such as the Fillmore, bands like the Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd played there.

B: Your newest album “Happy Together” got a favorable review from Pitchfork, which is not an easy accomplishment. Was that any sort of validation for you as an artist?

E: It’s something I care about because I think it’s interesting the power they have.  I’m not like stoked, but I’m glad we weren’t trashed.  I think reviews like that shouldn’t hold so much weight.  Let people make their minds up for themselves.

B: The album is very unique and original, what were some of your biggest influences?

E: Robert Wyatt, Laurie Anderson. We all have a lot of different influences, but the point is to make something different that doesn’t necessarily sound like anything else.

B: The video for “192014” is also very unique, and sort of surreal.  Was that your idea?  What was the inspiration for the visuals?

E: Yea, well the song is intense, and I wanted to be playful visually, and sort of have the same point of intensity. Visuals from beautiful powerful beings people try to cage.  And just making funny faces in the mirror.  It was a playful afternoon project.

B: What do you like to do to pass the time while you’re on the road?  Have there been any albums you’ve been enjoying while trekking?

E: We all do different things.  Matt likes to read a lot.  I like to make videos.  We all try to go hiking, go to hot springs, things like that. I’ve been listening to a lot of David Bowie.  I use “Diamond Dogs” for vocal exercise warmup. Also a lot of Lady June, audio books, Death Cab for Cutie.

B: Do you find it’s a productive time as far as writing new songs is concerned?

E: I think I’m always writing, and that turns into music eventually. Everything we do in a day is documented in some way or another. That gets put into a song eventually, or an art project of some sort.


Mega Bog are currently on a nationwide tour in support of their 2017 album “Happy Together.”