Top 7 Kings of Leon Songs to Listen to Before Their Upcoming Jan. 7th Release

Kings of Leon just released four new teasers for upcoming songs this weekend. The band posted snippets of the songs “Spin it Like We Can”, “Dancing in Your Head”, “Feel the Way You Do”, and “Must Catch the Bandits”, promising to release full versions on Thursday, January 7th. 

Before we get the chance to listen to the new material, let’s look back on some of the band’s standout tracks from their past records over the years. 

7. Revelry

Revelry is one of the most popular songs on KoL’s fourth studio album Only By the Night, which makes perfect sense considering the epic, echoing qualities of the ballad.

6. Find Me

“Find Me” is the fourth track on the band’s most recent LP WALLS. In the past couple years, fans began to move away from the band as they took on a more “stadium rock” identity after the success of Only By the Night, but when WALLS was released “Find Me” became a fan choice because it symbolized a return to the band’s beloved origins. Overall the song is a driving rock song that maintains the band’s reputation for catchy choruses. 

5. Trani

Legend has it that when KoL opened for Bob Dylan, he approached the lead singer after their set and told him this track was “one hell of a song”, and who are we to argue with that?  

4. Fans

This track has a quite a funky guitar riff and keeps its momentum through its driving beat as lead singer Caleb Followill lets the chorus pour out in a war that feels both comfortable and cathartic


3. Use Somebody

Another hit from their fourth, and massively successful, studio album Only By the Night, “Use Somebody” is a power ballad that builds upon itself from beginning to end, delivering a chest heaving chorus that bridged the gap between hipsters and mainstream listeners. If you were listening to the radio in the late 2000s, you knew every single word.

2. The Bucket 

“The Bucket” comes from KoL’s second studio album Aha Shake Heartbreak, and has remained a fan favorite throughout their career. It’s easy to see why fans rave about this track, with its youthful garage rock sound as lead singer Caleb paints a picture of rebellion, partying, and living the rockstar fantasy.  

  1. Sex on Fire

This song is the band’s greatest hit by far, and for good reason. The track has a room-filling electricity that is bound to get stuck in every listener’s head. This was the song that catapulted the band into their stadium rock identity, but maybe a song as great as this one has truly earned a stadium singing along.