The music of an era speaks volumes about the state of the world at that moment. The best artists are able to translate our unique emotions, experiences, frustrations, and joys into something universal. Music connects us, helps us process, provides catharsis, entertains, and interprets the complex world we live in. Even without a distinct political message, the songs we listen to provide the soundtrack for our lives, which are undoubtedly influenced by politics.

The past four years have felt especially saturated with politics and animosity. As our country stands more divided than ever, it seems that music is one of the last things holding us together. We created a playlist going into this inauguration week, which we feel describes the range of emotions we’ve felt over the past four years. These songs describe the state of our country, the anger we feel, the ways we yearn for normalcy, and the faith we have in each other to manage to find love amidst the chaos and vitriol. These songs represent the many feelings and fears we’ve had, that someone needed to put to music to describe.