The pop-rock band Babygirl, comprised of Kirsten “Kiki” Frances and Cameron “Bright” Breithaupt, just released their new EP ‘Losers Weepers’. Their first singles gained quite a bit of traction on Spotify, but it was the release of their 2018 sophomore EP ‘Lovers Fevers’ that caught the attention of Grammy-nominated whiz J Kash, who signed them to Sandlot Records. Since then, they’ve been working on the new EP which was released earlier this April.
Babygirl is able to create songs that can be melancholy while maintaining that addictive playful quality of pop music. ‘Losers Weepers’ tackles breakups and self-discovery with clever, insightful songwriting and a refreshing sound. “Losers Weepers is a collection of songs written for anybody who feels like an underdog, whether it be in their relationships, careers, whatever,” says the band. Making music for the underdogs has been part of the band’s ethos ever since they released their breakthrough single, “Overbored” and a feeling that both members Kiki Frances and Cameron “Bright” Breithaupt can relate to. Breithaupt referenced a lyric in the song, “I”m surrounded by people who are hoping for more.” and stated “we feel like that sense of disappointment or not living up to your potential is a through line thematically through all of our work, which is funny because the music itself is us trying to live up to our potential while expressing a feeling that maybe we’re not doing that.” Frances added, “it doesn’t really matter on the outside how it looks. It’s about what’s going on internally that’s going to come through.” The Toronto-based band met while in school at Humber College in Toronto and initially started out focused on songwriting intended for other established artists but eventually found their own unique sound that was befitting of their songs. Babygirl has always been influenced by pop icons like Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson, and their music takes the glossy, lively sound of those artists and transforms it into something more intimate that really connects with listeners.

Babygirl spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the new EP, ‘Losers Weepers’, how they relate to the underdog mentality, their love for the television show ‘The OC’ and more.

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