ON-RADAR: Gabrielle Current Combines Passionate Vocals With Nostalgic R&B/Soul

A nostalgic feel is a sense of familiarity that is inexplicable, and that’s where the ‘Virgo’ EP by Gabrielle Current comes into play. The ‘90s to 2000s era was known for the R&B and soul genres, and ‘Virgo’ respectfully captures this point in time so well especially with Current’s beautiful vocal range.

As the beginning of the EP starts off with the first track, “Make It Right,” Current’s soothing lead vocals blend in with the progressive instrumental beats. Many emotions were being expressed throughout this song, but it told a story between two people who aren’t actually in love, but are too toxic for each other. “Oh before you make a better reason/For lacking where you’re needed the most/Cause no I won’t back down from my decision/To let go of my poison host” can be interpreted as barely any effort being displayed by the other person, and Current expresses how she’s done and it’s best to move on.

“Down the Line” has a consistent tempo due to the percussion instrumentals, and this track emphasizes the R&B sound especially because it flows perfectly with Current’s vocals. The lyrics in “Down the Line” can be seen as Current’s frustration with her lover, and how another girl may be in the picture. “You tell me you love me but it’s paper thin/How am I supposed to believe you darling/You miss it when she held you but you knew it won’t last.” This track brings out how Current is letting go of her past lover and accepting how she deserves better.

For a smooth jazz sound with bass and guitar riff instrumentals, they go so well with the consistent drumming throughout “If I Fall.” Current sings with passionate vocals making this track unforgettable especially with the background vocals that harmonize so well. The following lyrics can be seen as Current wanting to make up with her lover, and wanting to give their relationship a second chance. “Baby let’s forget the past/As I stumble so slowly across your lines/I know that I’m falling fast/Oh but now your energy just took its time.” This can also be expressing Current reminiscing over the good times throughout the relationship, but also being too optimistic.


All in all, Gabrielle Current’s ‘Virgo’ EP is stellar, and we’re excited for her future.