dodie released their debut album ‘Build A Problem’ last year and like many, waited until this year to tour behind the new material. Embarking on their biggest headlining tour, dodie brought a full-scale production with multiple musicians and theatrics to accompany an entertaining show at The Warfield in San Francisco. “Air So Sweet” was the perfect opening set in darkness and as the curtain rose to reveal the band and dodie, fans cheered loudly and sang along to “Cool Girl”. The audience sang loudly as invited by dodie as the song transitioned into “Party Tattoos”. The majority of the set was dedicated to the new material, which sound phenomenal in the live setting, including “Four Tequilas Down” and “Before the Line”, the latter was quite powerful as the song became louder and emphatic until it crested into its sonic peak. Ending with “In The Middle” that had fans dancing and singing along, and “Hate Myself”, dodie and their band brought the show to another level of excitement that many a fan will remember for a long time.

Opener Lizzy McAlpine had a strong fanbase that were heard singing along to her songs. McAlpine is a self-professed dodie fan so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see the fandoms overlap. Her vocals were tender and soft but effective set against the sonic backdrop of acoustic guitar. With songs like “all my ghosts” and “Pancakes for Dinner”, McAlpine was engaging and humble yet exuded a warm confidence that had fans singing along softly and cheering loudly.