PHOTO REVIEW: Lizzy McAlpine – San Francisco, CA 07/18/2022

Lizzy McAlpine kicked off her first headlining tour in San Francisco Monday night to a sold out crowd that waited hours outside the venue before showtime. The venue was essentially filled up well before the opener Carol Ades was even half way through her set. Highlighted by songs last year’s debut EP, ‘Through’ like “I Can’t Wait To Be British”, “Hayley” and her latest single, “26”, Ades put on an engaging set which saw many fans commenting to each other about how impressive she was.

Soon enough, the main attraction in Lizzy McAlpine emerged on stage to raucous cheers, starting the set with “An Ego Thing”. It started what would turn into a night of loud sing-alongs from the audience as McAlpine moved from side-to-side across the stage and interacting with fans. Following with “What A Shame” and “Over The Ocean Call”, McAlpine smiled frequently as fans cheered and sang along. The energy of the crowd clearly helped McAlpine get over any nerves she might’ve had as she settled into a groove, especially during “All My Ghosts” when arguably fans had their phones out to capture the moment. With a packed house and an energetic crowd, it was quite warm inside that McAlpine took a moment to catch her breath and drink water, while also encouraging the crowd to do so as well.

Other highlights included fan favorites, “Apple Pie”, “Erase Me” and her surprise rendition of “Fly On The Wall” (Miley Cyrus cover). Ending with her huge viral hit, “Pancakes For Dinner” and “Orange Show Speedway”, the last track on her current album, ‘five seconds flat’, fans were throughly satiated. It was an impressive start to not only the tour but representative of McAlpine’s talent and the massive appeal that will certainly see her performing at a larger venues soon enough.