PHOTO REVIEW: Madeon – Palo Alto, CA 9/9/2022

Madeon is on the road for his “Good Faith Forever” tour along with San Holo and Young Franco, satiating electronic music fans across multiple cities. His show at the Frost Amphitheater in Palo Alto, CA was stunning, highlighted by the visuals, which really set the stage for his “Good Faith” element. The religious undertones featured a lot of old vatican style artwork but added a matrix/modern element which complements his sound. Up against the screen with two clear, acrylic DJ sets/keyboards, and a mic stand in between, Madeon’s set encapsulated the element of modernness that he had (against the juxtaposition of an old religious feel). His set was almost like a story of his career thus far, starting with the very hard and trap, hard sound and ending it with what the current “Good Faith” sound is, that relies on heavy synths, but happier, lighter and pop-sounding with his vocals at the forefront. Good Faith sounds very much like ballads with choir background and heavy production on his vocals. Prior to his set, San Holo put on a fun and dance-driven set that featured big build ups and large drops accompanied by super catchy lyrics that were displayed on the large visuals behind him. Opener Young Franco showcased a diverse set that ranged from hip hop and r&b to funk that kept the crowd dancing. His fun on-stage persona was infectious as the crowd was vibing and grooving along while attendees streamed in. Overall, the three acts were very complementary to one another and with each artist, the build-up and anticipation grew and got more exciting as it crescendo’d with Madeon’s all-encompassing set.