VIDEO INTERVIEW: November Ultra Says Julian Casablancas Influenced Her Songwriting, Talks ‘Bedroom Walls’

Parisian singer-songwriter November Ultra released her debut album bedroom walls under Republic Records/ Virgin Records France on April 8, 2022. Formly a member of French band Agua Roja, Ultra went off to create her own bedroom-pop sounds in late 2020. Influenced by the European singers she listened to growing up, as well as classic American musicians, she has developed a unique genre that blends together chill with electric. “I think in my music, what i do has a lot of like musicals from the 60s vibe in a way, but it also like, I do believe in pop music. I believe in that connection that you can feel in a good chorus, how much geeling, how much meaning you can hide into a song that everyone sings and everyone feels and all that you can do with just one really good pop song.” Spending time not only recording in studios but in her bedroom as well, November Ultra grew up surrounded by music and a love to create, both becoming clear in her debut.

November Ultra spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar on the great influence Julian Casablancas of The Strokes had on her songwriting, her debut LP bedroom walls and more.


November Ultra - come into my arms (official video)