LIVE REVIEW: Goth Babe & Yoke Lore – Dallas, TX 04/27/2023

On Thursday April 27, Dallas fans experienced a lively performance for Goth Babe’s (Griff Washburn) ‘The Lola Tour’ at The Factory in Deep Ellum. In true Goth Babe fashion, each night of his tour has the essence of an energetic summer night with beach balls floating around the electric crowd. Matching the Dallas crowd’s liveliness, Washburn danced around stage encouraging fans to do the same, free of judgement. Upbeat, catchy songs ‘Sometimes’, ‘Casita’, and ‘End Summer’ amplified the audience’s mood and Washburn’s stage presence. Contrasting this high, Washburn brought the crowd back to earth and discussed his struggles with mental and physical health. He mentioned how thankful he was to be on stage at the moment playing songs with people who make him feel alive. The sincere talk uplifted fans for more of an exciting set.

After a few songs, Goth Babe picked a lucky fan to crowd surf on a watermelon pool further pumping up the audience. Washburn got the crowd’s help during his performance of ‘Running Around’ as they echoed the post-chorus back to him. Following their assistance and throughout the show, Washburn expressed his gratitude for the fans’ loving nature. The rest of the show was easy-going and light, full of surf indie-rock and a warm atmosphere. At the end of the set, Goth Babe mentioned he’d come back out for two more songs if the crowd was loud enough, which immediately led to eager shouts from the entire venue. Returning to stage, Washburn and his band were decked out in fun costumes to end the concert with ‘Weekend Friend’ as the final song.


Photo: Ryn Taylor

Yoke Lore (Adrian Galvin) and drummer Garren Orr opened the show a passionate and creative energy which echoed throughout the crowd. His cover of Savage Garden’s ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ on the banjo sprouted cheers from the crowd ready for more of Galvin’s soft voice. Pop-indie classics ‘Goodpain’, ‘Chin Up’, and ‘Seeds’ called for fans to huddle together underneath purple lights. To close, Galvin strummed the first few chords of hit-song ‘Beige’ before the crowd belted out every heartfelt lyric. From his effortless control of the crowd and animated dancing, Yoke Lore proves how elevated and unique his music sounds live.