VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Alix Page Says Live Performances Influenced New EP ‘Goose’, Talks Turning 21

Singer/songwriter Alix Page just released her sophomore EP ‘Goose’ in April to much anticipation. The collection follows up last year’s debut EP ‘Old News’ which features standouts like “25”, “Radiohead” and “June Gloom”. ‘Goose’ is “the older, wiser sister to my debut EP Old News,” says Page. “The one who’s learned to laugh through life and sprint towards it. She’s learned so much from being hurt and all it’s done is make her more sentimental. ” The twenty-one year old Southern California native reflects on the life changes one goes through in their early twenties that analyzes formidable friendships, growing up, and growing apart. Alix spoke about how collaborations with those closest to her were of great inspiration stating, “I wrote ‘‘Goose’ about friends who inspire me and pull me out of my shell when I need it most. It came around a time I was feeling lost after moving to LA and finally started finding people who I felt like they really understood me. Spending time with those people just served as a reminder to who you are and what you’re living for, and it’s so important.” Page had brought in Brett Kramer of half alive to help produce and noted the perspective he brought, explaining “he took it to a lighter, almost Country-feeling place that I absolutely loved. It really lifted the whole thing and turned it into something really fun which fits the song even better than I imagined.“ Page has known Kramer through his wife, Rachel Kramer, since she was in high school, as she was her high school music program director. Page is on the road in support of ‘Goose’ and will perform headlining shows in the UK & EU headline this summer.

Alix Page spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar during her first headlining tour about interacting with fans, turning 21, how the live element greatly influenced her new EP ‘Goose’ and more.

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