LIVE REVIEW: Leith Ross & Ash Tuesday – Dallas, TX 05/28/2023

Leith Ross – Dallas, TX 05/28/2023

On Sunday May 28th, Leith Ross brought their delicate instrumentals and dreamy vocals to Dallas, TX’s Granada Theater. At the start of the tour, Ross released their debut album, To Learn which embraces intimate confessionals and melancholic acoustics. Accompanied by a full band on stage, Ross elevated their unique lyrical narratives to create a magical experience for the loving audience. In between several songs, Leith answered questions that fans had written before the show started. With the answers ranging from a dream collaborations with Carly Rae Jepsen to “I only watch [movies] that make me feel life is worth living,” Leith Ross’ charm radiated throughout the audience.

The show began with To Learn‘s opening track, ‘5 am’, a mesmerizing acoustic paired with light synths and detailed lyrics. During ‘(You) On My Arm’ from To Learn, and single ‘I’d Have to Think About It’, the audience swayed along to Ross’ rich vocals. While introducing the band, Leith stated this is their favorite part of the show before treating fans to bandmate Kai Warrior’s unreleased song ‘Bags I Carry’.






Leith Ross – Dallas TX 05/28/2023

Towards the end of the set, Leith joked that the crowd should pretend they left before returning for the encore. As the first notes of the breathtaking ‘We’ll Never Have Sex’, the Dallas fans huddled together to hold up purple hearts causing tears from the audience and Leith. While singing every lyric, fans expressed their appreciation for Leith with one fan even throwing a bouquet of flowers on stage. Reeling from the impressive show, the audience was slow to leave the venue rather they preferred to fully absorb the last few hours.






ash tuesday – Dallas, TX 05/28/2023

Alternative indie singer-songwriter ash tuesday, known for her original songs and covers on TikTok, kicked off the night with an energetic performance. Singles ‘Little Mermaid’ and ‘No Blood, No Needles, Nothing’ quickly became the audience’s favorites. Joined by fellow indie singer-songwriters, splendi and Nectarine Girl, the trio amplified ash tuesday’s stellar vocals and lyricism. The set ended with tracks off of ash tuesday’s upcoming EP Big Sky, releasing June 2nd.