ALBUM REVIEW: Claud’s ‘Supermodels’

Indie pop singer-songwriter Claud follows their debut album, Super Monster, with the heavier, more versatile Supermodels, released July 14, 2023 under Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. On this record, Claud’s musical transformation is evident as each song seems to capture a new sense of identity.

Supermodels opens with the melancholic guitar strings and nostalgia of “Crumbs.” With lyrics such as “The little things are adding up / The little crumbs I hate cleaning up,” Claud reflects on those undeniable fractures in relationships. The track provides fans with reassurance and comfort to remind them they aren’t alone.

Claud - Crumbs (Official Lyric Video)

“Dirt,” track two, is a angsty than most of the other tracks on Supermodels. It grabs the listener with it’s compelling guitar lines and Claud’s indie rock-like vocals. “I got hurt but I can’t say that to you / Now it’s old news.”

The third track, “A Good Thing,” follows Claud debating whether or not it’s best to leave a bad relationship in the past or give into desire. Alongside the vibrant instrumentation, “A Good Thing” has gained a lot of attention due to actor Paul Rudd starring in the music video.

Claud - A Good Thing (Official Video)

Supermodels ends with the emotional journey of “Screwdriver.” Softly Claud sings, “You caught me looking at photographs of supermodels / Trying not to cry when I look back at myself.” Claud’s sophomore album, Supermodels, begins where it ends with Compared to opener “Crumbs”, begins where it ends as a vulnerable record on maturing  and discovering new heights.