ALBUM REVIEW: Ethan Tasch — Finds Himself on ‘Got Him!’

From his bedroom in Los Angeles, American singer-songwriter Ethan Tasch has been hard at work composing, writing, and recording the ten tracks for his debut album Got Him!, released July 28, 2023. Since 2020, Tasch has released two EPs, opened for leading indie musicians like spill tab, and collaborated as a touring guitarist for Bea Miller. But on his own, he explores his own coming-of-age, the journey it takes to cement himself as a musician, and the road that lies ahead. On Got Him!, Tasch charts his complete evolution from feeling as though he’s lost himself to finding his true identity, beautifully captured with plucky banjos, relatable lyrics, and accurate takes on the world around him.


The story begins with the opening track “He’s Getting Away!” where Tasch explains the quest he’s on to “catch” himself. With the twang of a banjo and acoustic guitar strums, he immediately centers the tone to an indie-folk feel. The second song, “Holdup,” features singer-songwriter spill tab, the piece itself focusing on how people prevent their own success. spill tab’s soft voice added to Tasch’s deeper one allows the song to stray from the more folk tunes into the realm of indie-pop.

“Love and Japan,” the third track, describes Tasch’s feelings during a long distance relationship. Fellow Los Angeles-based artist Wallice joins Tasch on the track, and Wallice’s dreamy, high pitch creates a back-and-forth nature between the two artists that serves as a reminder of the two way street that a long distance relationship works in. Amplified by violins, Tasch sings “We’ve got a couple days but I’m in love and you’re in Japan,” further invoking the feeling of longing.

Joined by genre-bending indie artist Remi Wolf, the fourth song “Shell” explores the idea of feeling less than yourself. The steady banjo background, and bango-beach soundscapes not only separates the track from others on the album, but speaks to Tasch’s ability to change a piece so it works cohesively with the artist he’s working with.’

“Come Onn,” the sixth song on Got Him!, reflects on the hard reality of trying to reach your dreams, the complicated truth disguised as hopeful with the upbeat folk energy. “I’m fine, but I think I might die tryna’ keep the dream alive/That’s fine ‘cause at least then I’ll die tryna’ keep the dream alive.” The following song “Tetherball” features the duo Boyish, the now trio of musicians creating a wistful sense of sadness on a piece dedicated to feeling like a relationship is going nowhere. “And I don’t wanna miss you but I don’t have the controls/I revolve around you like a ball tied to a pole/if you push me away harder I might make a wider circle.”

Got Him! closes with “Where I Am,” the song a return to the beginning as Tasch realizes he has always been with him. “You can call it/Turns our I already got him/Never lost him/Eating, breathing/Doesn’t matter what state he’s in/Always Ethan.” On a search of self-discovery, especially as his success only continues to grow, Ethan Tasch has managed to produce an entire album centered around one of life’s most complicated lessons: that no matter who you are, what you do, or where you go, you will always have yourself to turn back to. And with that, Tasch’s chase is over, even though no one has been captured.