VIDEO: INTERVIEW – The Beaches Say Sound On New Album ‘Blame My Ex’ Is Inspired By Indie Sleaze + 80s Modern Rock

Coming off their viral single “Blame Brett,” Canadian rock band The Beaches released their latest album, ‘Blame My Ex’ in September via AWAL. The lead single from the album has garnered millions of streams after its overwhelming success on TikTok and expresses the fear of vulnerability after a recent breakup, “It’s about feeling vulnerable and afraid to open your heart to someone new,” songwriter and lead singer Jordan Miller explained, “I’m basically talking to my future partners, explaining that I can only offer something casual while my heart heals—a song for all the hot messes out there.” The album also sees the band stretch out sonically on songs like “Kismet” that harkens back to the indie-sleaze era of the 00s with shades of Ting Tings and The Cardigans while “Cigarette” has flares of 80s new wave. Miller stated, when we were putting this record together, there were two reference points we were touching upon, the one is sort of like the indie girl voice. I worked very diligently to get my voice to sound a little bit more mature and emotive so I listened to a lot of girl in red, a lot of Wet Leg, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olson and Willow. The other references that we we picked because we wanted it to have a happy sad feeling was The Cure, New Order, a lot of new wave tracks.” The Beaches will embark on a fall tour of select U.S. dates primarily on the East Coast before heading to their native Canada and European dates. They’ll resume touring the U.S. in February of 2024 for West Coast and Midwest dates that starts in Seattle and will end in Boston.

The Beaches Say Sound On New Album 'Blame My Ex' Is Inspired By Indie Sleaze + 80s Modern Rock

The Beaches - Blame Brett