VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Yoke Lore Wants Debut Album To Inspire Change And Transitions, Says Radiohead Was Major Inspiration

The debut album from singer/songwriter Yoke Lore dropped last week to much anticipation. ‘Toward A Never Ending New Beginning’ chronicles his journey of turning strengths into weaknesses, personal growth, and discovering who Yoke Lore truly is. Yoke Lore, the solo project of Adrian Galvin, crafted an album that’s sonically diverse and combines electronic beats with subtle instrumentation. Galvin describes the album as an act of resistance and revolution- “I don’t want to be attached to my doubts,” he stated. “To be rich is to be saved, to be poor is to be doomed. You could achieve wealth and thus salvation by accumulating enough wealth and if you weren’t making that your express purpose in life then what the hell were you doing? I see art and love as a rebellion to this idea, I also see the exploration of self doubt as a rebellion to this idea. I see the acceptance of failure as a rebellion against this idea. And thus I see Yoke Lore as a way through it. Toward a never ending new beginning.” Galvin musical tendencies growing up leaned towards harder sounds from the likes of punk bands like Bad Brains and Rancid as well as Rage Against the Machine. But as he got exposed to artists like Radiohead and Jimi Hendrix, did he start to explore different sounds and ways of conveying his feelings through his art. Noting the influence of the Radiohead album ‘Hail to the Thief’, Galving shared, “it was someone taking just pure chaos and forming it into these little digestible and quite beautiful songs that I could really do something with and make my own.” Yoke Lore’s profile continues to grow as he’s been playing in larger venues on his current North American tour and will embark on a string of European tour dates at the beginning of 2024.

Yoke Lore spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how he harnessed the studies of I Ching into his debut album ‘Towards a Neverending New Beginning’ and more.

Yoke Lore - Shake (Official Video)