VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Elio at Portola Music Festival 2023

Singer/songwriter Elio just performed her first festival at Portola Music Festival in San Francisco and debuted her upcoming new song “Sorority”. The new song is about female empowerment and is her first new release since last year’s mixtape, ‘Elio’s Inferno’. Writing songs when she moved to Canada from Wales as a child, Elio (born Charlotte Grace Victoria) has seen steady growth in her fanbase since releasing her debut EP ‘u and me, but mostly me’ in 2020. Her song “Read The Room” went viral on TikTok as the song’s theme of sexism, homophobia and discrimination struck a chord with many. Her live performances have drawn passionate fans and although her music often leans electronic and pop, the live band she performs with has infused an exciting and interest element to her songs.

B-Sides spoke with Elio at Portola Music Festival about performing at her first festival, new music plans and more.