PHOTO REVIEW: Stephen Sanchez – Atlanta, GA 12/16/2023

Stephen Sanchez has had a banner year leading up to the release of his debut album, ‘Angel Face’ that dropped in September. With much anticipation leading up to the release, his fall tour was sold-out months prior and garnered much acclaim. Wrapping up the tour with a handful of shows in the southeast, Sanchez had a zealous sold-out crowd come out to his Atlanta show this past Saturday with many dressed to the nines in their best 50s-inspired attire. Sanchez opened his set with the first track of the album, “Something About Her” to overwhelming cheers and applause. Performing as a dark silhouette, the essence of the ballad was captured expertly by Sanchez, whose voice was strong and smooth throughout the set. Getting into “Evangeline”, the crowd went wild as the lights went up and Sanchez was seen in a bright red suit and slicked-back hair. The sing-alongs were strong during that performance as well as its follow-up, “I Need You Most Of All” when many in the front row were seen swooning and smiling throughout the song and many thereafter. Sanchez’s performance was captivating with his hip-thrusting dances, the sneer as he curled his upper lip at times and twirling his guitar that just added to the thoroughly entertaining set. His cover of “Oh, Pretty Woman” (Roy Orbison) and “Unchained Melody” (Hy Zaret & Alex North; made popular by The Righteous Brothers) were spot-on, especially with the latter as Sanchez stayed true to the original, which delighted the older fans in the audience. Wrapping up the set with his signature song “Until I Found You”, it wasn’t lost upon Sanchez that the opening line starting with “Georgia” would have the audience cheer and scream as he smiled in appreciation. For a night, the Atlanta audience was whisked away to a more innocent time by a talented and exciting storyteller and troubadour of the 21st century.