PHOTOS: Briston Maroney – San Francisco, CA 03/16/2024

Briston Maroney returned to San Francisco to perform at the legendary Fillmore Saturday 03/16/2024 and was greeted by a raucous and passionate sold-out crowd. Kicking off the set with “Body” from his latest album ‘Ultrapure’, Maroney got the crowd dancing and singing along right from the start and kept it going with “Small Talk” as the audience in the front row shrieked with delight and sang along even louder. It was a theme that continued throughout the night as Maroney kept the music going with a few scant moments to acknowledge the sold-out crowd, even at one point accepting a home-knit hat from a fan and put it on as he performed. Songs like “Under My Skin”, “Paradise” and “Caroline” kept the enthusiasm going as many in the crowd were seen dancing and swaying as they sang along. With “Freakin’ Out on the Interstate” performed toward the end of the set, phones were out in full force to record the moment with many couples seen in the crowd singing to each other. With the encore consisting of “Spring” and “Delaware”, Maroney had the audience in the palm of his hand and clearly showed the maturity of a well-rounded artist and performer with much more to share as he continues to grow.