VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Isabel LaRosa Strives Towards Pushing Herself Out of Her Comfort Zone, New Sonics

Rising alt-pop musician Isabel LaRosa’s songwriting journey began with writing songs in elementary school with her brother. Over the years, the duo still continue to write and produce LaRosa’s music, which is heavily influenced by bedroom pop, alternative, and slight reggaeton themes. Her songs revolve around the universally heartbreaking yet addictive coming-of-age experiences LaRosa and her generation often find themselves wrapped up in. Music videos for viral songs “i’m yours”, “older”, and “eyes don’t lie” showcase LaRosa’s distinct storytelling and her alternative inspirations. Within the last few years, LaRosa has been spotlighted on various audio platforms, garnering over 250 million video streams and around 4 billion short-form video streams from platforms such as TikTok. The singer-songwriter has also been named one of Spotify’s Pop Rising artists to watch in 2024. “Honestly, I know I’ve wanted to do something a little bit more Latin inspired.” she says, “I listen to so much Latin music. I think it’s always fun to not do the same thing all the time. I think it’s interesting to always try to push what sound and what kind of things we do.” The singer also teases newer sounds and Latin influences in her upcoming music with new single “Favorite” releasing March 29th. She admits that fans who’ve recently attended her headline US tour, GOD’S WATCHING, already have a feel of these new sonics.

Isabel LaRosa met with B-Side host Pete Mar to talk about her first headlining tour, career ambitions, exploring new sounds, and more.

Isabel LaRosa Striving To Continue To Grow, Not Get Comfortable, Pushes New Sonics

Isabel LaRosa - older (Official Video)

Photos from Isabel LaRosa’s show in San Francisco 03/09/2024