VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Rachel Chinouriri Talks Strict Childhood and Rebelling, Upcoming Debut Album

Emerging singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri has channeled the myriad of feelings based on ups and downs of life experiences on her forthcoming debut album, ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’, set to be released on May 3rd. The songs on the album explores the darkest parts of Chinouriri and her life including the trials and tribulations in relationships, loneliness, regret, abuse, unconditional freedom, self harm, alcohol abuse and ultimately, death. The songs and music, however, also reflects on the beauty amongst it all as well. The title track is quite revealing of the sense of loss as Chinouriri shared, “This song is one of my saddest but proudest achievements. It’s personal and based around a true story. It’s the tragic story of a girl who is a similar age to me. I think with every step of her journey, someone somewhere can understand the feelings she felt to some degree. Whether it’s to do with relationships, friendships, neglect, motherhood, depression, rejection, battling internal hatred or suicidal thoughts … I feel like this is something most people can relate to. The decision to take her own life is something many people have contemplated, and her life was almost the perfect storm to create that environment which is heartbreaking. Without the right support or understanding around you, people can feel trapped and it’s sad she ever made this choice. Her story deserves to be told and I hope more people know that this is a feeling that many people have felt and you should always ask for help.” Written over the course of a number of years, it was the feeling of not belonging that served as the starting point of the record. “The first song was actually a song called “Home” that’s not on the album because that was a song where I was like, I don’t know where my home is. I didn’t know if London was my home now. I love London anyone will tell you that. I’m obsessed with London but at the time, I felt a out of place. My family weren’t there and I was just bit confused. But the way that song sounds, the sessions which then continued after that sonically, were kind of matching a very ‘guitary’ very ‘songwritery’ thing. I don’t think that song belongs on the album anymore, however, it was the beginning point which then led to the other songs on the album.” The London-born artist has two EPs under her belt with ‘Four° in Winter'(2021) and ‘Better Off Without'(2022) and has amassed over 120 million streams to date while also having sold out numerous headline shows, supported the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Sam Fender, Celeste, Tems and Kojey Radical, and played major festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude, The Great Escape, Boardmasters, Cross The Tracks and others.

Ahead of her sold-out Los Angeles debut, Rachel Chinouriri spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the personal experiences that led to writing her debut album, ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’ that drops May 3rd. She spoke about her strict childhood, the bullying she endured, finding solace in music and more.

Rachel Chinouriri - Never Need Me (Official Video)