This weekend, rainbow tube socks, tie-dye shirts and sparkly eye-shadow were granted a new lease on life. And although none of the above screams Yves St. Laurent or Chanel, you better bet your rainbow butt it’s fashion that just walked by you in those chaps.  Fashion for Pride, much like the event itself, is unique. Putting something on your back is usually meant to make a statement sartorially, but this weekend our choices carry weight ideologically. Lovers of fashion everywhere will recognize the perfect storm of joy, liberty and a sunny day as a recipe for personal and unpredictable style choices and this weekend was no exception.


Here are some standouts this for this year:


Tousled hair with a flower behind the ear?
A fresh take on wearing the rainbow?
An adorable, lacy bra-top that looks great on her?
She looks low-maintenance and fabulous.






Mega points for originality here; this young lady is wearing a handmade gift she brought back from Mexico.







Maybe next time we’ll leave the prison garb at home? It makes you seem… unapproachable.

With the expanding umbrella of rights and freedom for the LGBT community (now a little bigger thanks the the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA) comes a uniquely accepting platform for expression. So, even though I saw enough bandeaus with tutus to last me into the next lifetime, I can honestly say that I saw more smiles on Market Street than on any stuffy ole Prada runway.

Here’s to Pride and a break from traditions.