Miley Cyrus’ video “We Can’t Stop” broke the record for most views in 24 hours on Vevo this week and it also reminded me how much I love those “Dope” bathing suits by StampdLA.

credit: RCA Records

Besides being distracted by the french fry skull and taxidermied animals in the video, you really could break down the entire thing outfit-by-outfit. The “West Coast” crop top itself, also StampdLA, is so simple but so recognizable. Which is probably one of the reasons why Miley’s video gets stuck in your head besides the enormous bear backpacks.

credit: RCA Records

The “Dope” t-shirt crafted into a onesie just works in Miley’s entire video street wear wardrobe of white sports bras, black mesh tops, gold chains and matte red lips. StampdLA falls under the umbrella as bold brand, DimepieceLA. Known mostly for their “Ain’t No Wifey” tees and “Dimepiece” beanies, both brands give screen tees and beanies a chic-hood aroma.

Miley’s feeding off of that vibe from when the video opens and she pops in her grill–it’s cheesy but it works. She’s made it a video for her song and for her look. Those StampdLA shirts and the Minimale Animale swimsuit play just as big of roles in her video.

credit: RCA Records

I’ll say it–Go, Miley, Go.

View her vid:

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (Official Video)