In honor of Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday on July 22nd (hope she doesn’t mind sharing with the royal tot), B-Sides would like to present our top 7 style choices from the young songstress. Personally, I dig her style. She tries new things, she stays true to her age and she keeps it classy.

From her grunge off-duty looks, we get a glimpse into a more low-maintenance side, and from her unique and colorful red carpet choices, we get a peek at her love for design and risky fashion. It’s hard to choose, but it had to be done, here are the top 7:

Recently, Gomez was seen at the pump getting her boho on.

She has been embracing the summer lovin’ Coachella vibe lately, with flowy skirts, crop tops and flower garlands, but I particularly like how well put together this outfit is.

The boho trend can tend to look like skirty pajamas if you’re not careful but Selena’s outfit here looks put together.

I love that she goes with boots instead of sandals and she let’s her skirt do all the talking rather than drown the outfit in too many prints and colors.


I realize that this is technically four looks, but it’s all from the same upcoming music video, so it counts as one.

I just love that she wears that red retro one-piece and a Peter Pilotto dress (second from the left) in the same shoot. She couldn’t look more stunning.


Speaking of music videos, our list wouldn’t be complete without an example from Come and Get It.

From a fashion POV, the Indian-inspired garb is rich in color, sophisticated in cut and flattering because it moves with the body.

Though wearing the bindi might have tread on some more religious toes, there’s nothing wrong with rocking those gorgeous colors.



When she’s not performing, Selena brings some great grunge and low-key style to the table. In these two photos, she looks great in a denim crop-top and a cotton high-waisted skirt, and in a striped maxi dress with thigh-highs. She stays simple and on trend, but manages to make even simple fashion choices look cool.











On the red carpet, Gomez has access to almost any designer she could want.

Back at the 2010 VMA awards she wore this silver Reem Acra gown which I have loved ever since.

There’s something about the meld of futuristic and floral that makes it more than just another bustier dress.




Every once in a while Gomez will hit us with something dark and mature, like this black on black combo from a Letterman appearance in early 2013.

The gorgeous Burberry trench coat and thigh-high Brian Atwood gladiator boots combo show us that she isn’t entirely a girlie-girl. What a difference a few years can make!