What to Wear: Austin City Limits Music Festival

Heading to Austin City Limits for both or one of the festival weekends?  Even if you’re indigenous to the area, the weather is never a surefire bet.  It could be hot and humid in the afternoon and suddenly you may find yourself in the midst of a thunderstorm.  Anyone remember the downpours at ACL 2012?  Either way, ACL is a time to take in the great music, make new friends, enjoy the amazing food and of course, look somewhat presentable all the while!  Regardless if you’re into EDM, folk-rock or have an adult-contemporary side that will be filled to the brim by Sunday headliner, Lionel Richie, we have some suggestions on what to pack for both gals (and guys) to stay cool.

Ladies keep it comfortable, breathable and a color that won’t roast you in the sun.

1. A patterned sundress with a great pair of shades–it’s easy to pack and if it gets cooler throw on a jean jacket. Also, pack a pair of boots as you’ll be trekking all over Zelker Park. This girl below nailed festival style with a lightweight white, lace dress and brown booties:









2. High-waisted jeanshorts are a festival wardrobe staple. If the weather is a bit cooler one of the days, opt for a chambray top in a darker shade or a cotton tank top under a kimono or vest. Sienna Miller nailed it with this Coachella outfit and she adds a hat and a crochet vest:

3. Alexa Chung has great street style and taste in music. Below she wears an overall dress with a white blouse, layered necklaces and a sort of desert boot at a festival. Shorteralls look good with a white tee or even a striped tank top with a bandana in your hair. Bring back the shorteralls!









4. Since the weather is expected to be in the 90s next weekend, bringing more than one shorts option is safe. Whitney Port masters the mixing & matching of patterns. She chooses just the shorts to be louder and keeps the top neutral. The trick is to find a similar color between the two pieces and use the lighter pattern as a sort of neutral.

Fellas are going to feel most comfortable in shorts and minimal layers.

5. Guys can wear a tank top without it being categorized as a “man-tank.” I’d suggest a simple patterned one like this,  neutral colored shorts and a chambray top over it. You can also choose for your shorts to wear the pattern with a cotton shirt and a good pair of sunnies. If you don’t want to mess with patterns overall, wear a pair of navy shorts, a cotton tank top and a hat like this one as your pop of color or a patterned backpack as your accessory.

What are you wearing to ACL Music Festival? Do you have festival go-to pieces?