ALBUM REVIEW: Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells

New York noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, released their third studio album Bitter Rivals today. The music project began in 2008 and consists of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. Overall the album depicts the bands’ most known musical style, with many synthesized and electronic rhythms combined with loud guitar and vocals; however the album lacks any real direction or meaning. Majority of the songs sound very similar to one another and the background instrumentation and beat mixes lean more to sounding like noise and not so much a form of music. This is heard especially in tracks “Bitter Rivals” and “Minnie.” In the track “Bitter Rivals” Krauss tries to sound cute by starting off the song all quiet with a girly voice, which instead sounds immature and doesn’t make sense with a dog barking in the background and having the song going into a screaming direction with lyrics, “…it was the best of times it was the worst of times, I had to kill the new sheriff in town!” The album’s strongest point is Miller’s guitar skills and the best songs on the album are “You Don’t Get Me Twice” and “To Hell With You.” “You Don’t Get Me Twice” is loud and fun with sounds of stomping, guitar, and a good blend of beats and vocals. “To Hell With You” has a nice combination of melodic vocals from Krauss and hip hop beats, as well as more meaningful lyrics about telling someone not to blame them for the problems in their past relationship. The album is best for those who are fans of synth pop and pop music in general. Bitter Rivals is currently available for streaming on iTunes.

Check out the music video for “Bitter Rivals” here!