Top 10 Reasons Lorde is Today’s It Girl

Photo: James K. Lowe
Since her hit “Royals” released this year, the world’s newest pop princess Lorde has made a name for herself, and she’s here to stay. The sixteen year old from New Zealand has captured the hearts and minds of all races and age groups with her no-holds barred view in her music and attitude. Not just appealing to the alternative/indie crowd, Lorde is today’s “It Girl” and we have the top 10 reasons why teenage badass Lorde is on everyone’s radar.


1. She’s young – 16 YEARS OLD, PEOPLE. What were you doing at 16? Rather than getting a driver’s license or braces like the rest of us, she’s traveling the world and is at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

zombieinfesteworld // Tumblr

2. She’s beautiful – Check out those tresses! Her hair is long and amazing. She hasn’t cut it in four years.

yanabarus // Tumblr

3. She’s foreign – A little kiwi from New Zealand, Lorde is not your all-American girl.

popinita // Tumblr

4. She writes her own music – Beyonce had 6 writers and 4 producers create her hit Run The World (Girls) but Lorde has been writing her own music since she was 13.

bohemianguy // Tumblr

5.  She’s vocally talented – No autotune! She’s the breath of fresh air we’ve all been looking for. Finally, there’s someone out there we can listen to with real musical talent. Those windpipes of hers are a true gift.

frick-yeah-indie-music // Tumblr

6.  She’s funny – Check out her Twitter and Tumblr accounts. She may sing like an adult, but she’s still a teenager at heart.

lordemusic // Twitter

7. She’s got hits – Haven’t listened to “Royals”? You could hear it one time and sing along. Her new single Tennis Courts will have you swooning.

lordemusic // Instagram

8. She has great stage presence – No stage fright for this girl. Lorde has found her calling, and she continues to wow us all.

heysheerio // Tumblr

9. She hangs out with Diplo – Even one of the most famous, internationally-recognized music producers wants to hang out with her.

Diplo // Instagram

10. She’s cooler than we’ll ever be. And that’s the sad truth.

mikeylately // Tumblr