Tis the season for expression through fashion in its most exaggerated and creative way… Halloween costumes. My offenses include a repeat princess phase, many classic skeletons, zombies and pumpkins, and one year as an elaborate recreation of Mt.  Rushmore that almost got me thrown off a bus. I’ve since decided that the idea of a disposable outfit representing hours of work doesn’t do it for me or my budget.

So, if you’ve got multiple Halloween parties and don’t want to spend  fortune on costumes, or if you simply struggle with the idea of one-time use fashion (like I do) then here are six ideas that incorporate pieces you can use long after the 31st.
1) Alice in Wonderland
Alice wears a simple yet fashionable blue dress that really has a place in any closet. And I know I’M always looking for an excuse to replace my worn out black flats. Not to mention that tights are a great investment for winter and an apron and black ribbon for your hair are easy to whip up.  This idea also gets my vote for greatest ensemble potential. The characters are many, easy to represent and allow for creative interpretation.
2) Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction.
I’ve always loved her classic black and white outfit in this movie. If you’ve got a super chic black bob, white collared shirt and black pants already then you’re set, but if you’re like me and always on the lookout for quality basics (and new hair) then take this excuse to expand your wardrobe and wigdrobe. Another plus? You’ll be comfortable.
3) Literally anyone who wears a suit
Pick from: Don Draper, Magritte’s The Son of Man, a used car salesman, The Most Interesting  Man in the World.
Guys, if you feel like you have a little to spend, why not invest in a great suit as opposed to a polyester banana? There are endless characters who wear suits and you’ll look sharp at the party.
4) Bonnie and Clyde
This duo gets my vote for the best couple costume. Hitting up the vintage and second-hand stores for this project will really be key, but I can’t imagine that anything would go to waste. I consider the beret to be the most underrated hat of all (although I think she technically wore a tam, a beret will get the job done) and a fedora is a great addition for any off-duty Clyde.
5) Bill Cunningham
Pulling together this costume won’t be difficult and the perk is that you’ll have your camera ready at all times. Grab a blue Members Only jacket, invest in some nice brown shoes that you’ll wear long after Halloween and start snapping.
6) Alabama Whitman
One of my favorites of all time, and, in fact, my costume for this year, Alabama has great shoes and even greater clothes. I have no doubt that i will use every piece from this costume again: off-the-shoulder blue top, printed pants, blue cowboy boots (or heels) and some great earrings.