ALBUM REVIEW: Free Your Mind by Cut Copy

Basic RGBCut Copy is an electronic/dance band hailing from Australia. Formed in 2001, “Free Your Mind” is only their 4th album, which may not seem like much for having been around so long, but these guys like to take their time. Like some of the greatest bands before them, they don’t press to make albums right after the other, they take their time, making each album is a work of art. Something many bands could learn from.

Although, many, might disagree with this approach, fearing fans will forget about them during that time. But such a length of time is almost required in the electronic/synth/dance genre because it is so hard to do right. It either works, or it could ultimately end up sounding like a bunch of garbled noises with a cheap beat software partially covering up that noise. Cut Copy, however, have done good with this album.

They are bringing back the peace and love era of the 60’s with groovy psychadelic experimental sounds. Complete with an intro, outro, and three interludes, the format is similar to something you would see on a Pink Floyd album. Each song just melds into the next, making it all the more enjoyable when you listen to the entire album in one sitting. With the appropriately named “Free Your Mind”, they want you to do just that. For people to listen to the music and be in the moment, whether it be in their bedroom or in a room full of people. When you listen to this album you should be carefree.

The official release date for “Free Your Mind” is November 1st (AUS), Nov 4 (UK), Nov 5 (USA). Pre-orders are now available via itunes and Amazon.