ON RADAR: Milo Greene

milogreenephotoMilo Greene is a, self-described, cinematic pop band from Los Angeles. With five members, four of which sharing the role of singer and various other instruments, Milo Greene pack a lot into each song, leaving nothing flat. Their harmonizing vocals between male and female voices go together beautifully, creating wistful eloquent songs you can daydream to.

Having seen them live in Austin, I have been impressed at how talented these musicians are, and how humble they still remain. Being able to pull off live performances as good as their recorded albums is no easy task but they have it down perfectly. They are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet. During their concert they spent much of their time talking with their fans both before and after their performance at their merch booth, taking pictures and interacting with everyone. Clearly they know what they are doing and are headed in the right direction, thanking everyone along the way.

Not only is this band artistic musically, but they also have traveled into the short film area as well. Unlike many bands who create music videos for just their singles, Milo Greene went above and beyond creating a film that connects each and every song together on their self-titled debut album. The film is titled “Moddison” and takes place in and near a cabin in California, following a couple throughout.

The future for this band is still unknown, but if they continue on the path that they are on it looks very hopeful. Although they haven’t released anything in the recent past, we hope they are here to stay.