Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013-Day Three Review

IMG_0136As Sunday comes to and end so does Fun Fun Fun Fest for 2013. Lucky for everyone the weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, not too cold, a nice cloudy day. The atmosphere seemed more laid back than the past two, people slowly getting tired but ready to go all out for the last day until next year.

Proving that people go hard at concerts all day long, during Chet Faker’s set at 1:10, a flash mob IMG_0797of people dressed up in costumes began dancing. Not at all random, people took turns leading the group, and they all moved in sync.

IMG_0877Despite being delayed for around 10 minutes, The Polyphonic Spree put on a show worth waiting for. With over ten different instruments, plus vocals, playing, it’s no wonder it took a little longer to get ready. No one seemed to mind however, once they began a large crowd gathered to soak in the beauty that is this symphonic pop rock band.

IMG_0958Unfortunately, due to delay issues beforehand, The Dismemberment Plan wasn’t able to play their entire set, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a killer performance. Engaging and interacting with the crowd, making jokes and having fun, you can tell these guys love their job and do it as best as they can.

IMG_0998MGMT live is a complete psychedelic wonderland. With a rather modest set, just them playing and a big screen behind them playing psychedelic colorful figures, MGMT impressed the crowd with a number of great songs. From “Electric Feel” to “Kids”, MGMT played the classics and had the crowd going crazy.

Slayer headlined the night, ending Fun Fun Fun IMG_1042Fest in a dizzy, friendzied mob. Thrash hair metal pulling through, saying who cares if the festival is over, who cares that most people have to work in the morning, we’re going to party no matter what.