081913-mary-lambertMary Lambert may not be a household name but she deserves the recognition. You may have heard her singing along with Macklemore on their hit song “Same Love”. This lovely lady even helped write the song with them after she caught their attention with the release of her first EP “Letters Don’t Talk”.

Based out of Seattle Washington, Mary Lambert is possibly one of the best role models for women today. Her music is hauntingly heartbreaking but she sends the message to love who you want to love and to love yourself. With a bachelor’s degree in music composition Mary uses her knowledge in her favor, blending together contemporary themes with classical sounds. She claims her shows are open and welcoming to crying and being who you are and with her soulfull voice you would have to expect it.

Mary doesn’t stop at just singing though, along with her musical talents she has also released her own book of poetry entitled, “500 Tips for Fat Girls”. A book of poetry showing a glimpse into the eyes of what it’s like being an overweight women. Both the heartbreaks and struggles you may go through, this book is meant to help women be stronger. With this book and her song “Body Love”, Mary has hit home for many young women around the world when it comes to body image. She’s breaking the stereotypes and hoping to change the world and with each song she is making a difference.

Be sure to check out her EP “Letter Don’t Talk” and be sure to check for her full album, set to release sometime in 2014. And take a look at her solo rendition of “Same Love” entitled “She Keeps Me Warm” below.